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New Music Video "Shadow Self (The Best That I Can)"

Vocal and music producer //


Watch Floyd's latest music video and new release "Shadow Self (The Best That I Can)." Produced by Edmond Clare and Georgann Ireland for Nova Noir Productions.

Floyd Christmas Baby Please Come Home

Floyd Premieres New Christmas Song

Vocal and music producer //


Barebones Entertainment talks to Floyd about her new remake of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."

Floyd Music Audio Femme

Veteran San Francisco Songwriter Floyd finally embraces pop with "Sorry Sorry Boy"

Music and vocal producer //


Discover Floyd and listen to her latest single in her first article by Audio Femme.


"Along with producer Georgann Ireland, they sifted through her back catalog and pulled out the gems that would make up project “Lucky Number 7” as Floyd calls it."

Floyd Music Shine music video

Official "Shine" music video is out now

Music and vocal producer //


Watch Floyd's latest song about love and gratitude.

Floyd Music shine music video

Floyd Will Brighten Up Your Day with Her “Shine” Music Video [Premiere]

Music and vocal producer //


Catch an exclusive first look at Floyd's newest music video, "Shine." Out everywhere Friday!


"'Shine' is a love song. A song about gratitude and joy for anybody who's experienced the kind of love in their lives that's transformative, foundational, and inspired them to be the very best version of themselves" - Floyd

Floyd Music What do you Say Pancakes and Whiskey


Music and vocal producer //


First time I was mentioned as a producer! Check out this article by Pancakes and Whiskey. You can also get an exclusive first look at Floyd's music video, "What do you Say." 


"'What Do You Say' was written by Floyd and produced by Ed Clare and Georgann Ireland for Nova Noir Productions."

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